Andrew has a long standing affinity with theatre since his youth and continues to actively be involved in theatre in a wide variety of roles from Musical Director to Composer and Sound Designer. He has worked with community theatre groups and youth groups as well as on professional shows with some community and youth groups presenting shows with a 120 strong cast.

Currently Andrew is working on an adaption of ’The Wind In The Willows’ as a full length musical commissioned by Queens Theatre Hornchurch.
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Below is a list of shows Andrew has been involved with.

◦ The Monstrum (2017) MD/Composer (NT Connections)

“It’s a terrible thing when you’re afraid of your children!” - ‘The Monstrum’ March 2017

◦ Our House (2016) Queens Theatre Hornchurch - MD
◦ Shrek the Musical (2015) Queens Theatre Hornchurch - MD
◦ Seussical the Musical (2015) Queens Theatre Hornchurch - MD
◦ Edelweiss Pirates (2015) Queens Theatre Hornchurch /Art Depot - MD/Composer/Sound Designer (NT Connections)

Flier front A4

◦ Bugsy Malone (2014) Queens Theatre Hornchurch - MD
◦ Milly and the Minotaur (2014) Queens Theatre Hornchurch and National tour - MD/Composer/Arranger
◦ Pronoun (2014) Queens Theatre Hornchurch / Greenwich Theatre - MD/Composer/Sound Designer (NT Connections)

◦ ‘Plug in the Lead feat. Tony Christie’ (2013) Leicester Square Theatre - Arranger/Reeds
◦ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (2013) Queens Theatre Hornchurch - MD/Arranger


◦ ‘Plug in the Lead’ (2012) Leicester Square Theatre - Reeds
◦ ‘Lighting Up The Lane (2012) Queens Theatre Hornchurch - Reeds
◦ ‘Aladdin’, (2011) Greenwich Theatre - Reeds
◦ ‘Down the River and Up The Road (2010) Queens Theatre Hornchurch - Reeds

Milly and the Minotaur from Queen's Theatre Hornchurch on Vimeo.

Alongside this work Andrew has worked with a wide variety of Amateur Dramatic groups and schools on a wide variety of musicals. He currently MD’s the Hall Mead School production and has been working with the school for several years

Our House092
Andrew is proud of his pit band that have played a wide variety of shows with him!

Andrew’s composition and arranging work has really supported his theatre work and has allowed him some fantastic opportunities to write new music for contemporary theatre, something Andrew is very passionate about.

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