Andrew is a composer and arranger for a wide variety of different musical situations. Whether it is running his own ensembles playing his original material [
The Andrew Linham Quartet and Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra] or writing new music for other ensembles, his compositional approach has been identified as eccentric and British but firmly within the jazz tradition. For a link to Andrew’s complete catalogue of Compositions click here.


Andrew has written two suites of music for big band, ’The Linferno Suite’ in May 2013 and ’Theme Music of Anarchic Animals’ in November 2015 alongside a wide variety of individual big band compositions. The repertoire performed by his Jazz Orchestra currently numbers 43 compositions including the two suites of music, with the new album
‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ presenting eleven of his big band compositions.

He has composed and arranged the scores for four shows at the Queens’ Theatre Hornchurch,’The Monstrum’ in Spring 2017, ‘Edelweiss Pirates’ in Spring 2015, ‘Milly and the Minotaur’ and ‘Pronoun’, both in Spring 2014.

He has premiered his new musical adaption of ’
The Wind In The Willows - a Musical Adventure’ at Queens Theatre Hornchurch in July 2017 which was a sell out with standing ovations every night!

Andrew has composed and arranged for a wide variety of educational projects, musical and theatre work and horn section work. With Havering Music School and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra he wrote a large scale orchestral piece with choir to celebrate community called ‘Col-Large’ which he conducted and premiered in March 2019 (video here!).

Collarge 2019
Conducting my large scale orchestral and choir work ‘Col-Large’ in March 2019

Andrew composes lots of piece for primary school music lessons and assemblies. Below is a great example of ensemble singing in school at its best!

He has also been involved with several transcription projects of entire albums that have then been performed and has had many of his transcriptions and arrangements performed internationally on P and O Cruises. His theatre work has included commissioned songs, rearrangements of new and old musicals and a variety of incidental music for plays and other theatrical work, including work for the British Ballet. Andrew was also commissioned to write new music for the Havering Fun Palace 2014.

Andrew arranges for a larger selection of ensembles and the link
here shows the Diamond Skyline Orchestra performing one of his Stings (Number 3).

In education, Andrew is soon to publish a series of educational songs and lesson plans alongside continual commissioned work from a variety of primary schools, particularly in Havering, looking at educating music through use of song.

Here’s a little example of a song written to help Year 6 students relax in the middle of the dreaded SATS week!

Andrew has studied composition and arranging with Malcolm Edmonstone (piano and arranging – Strictly Come Dancing, Tony Bennett, John Dankworth), Scott Stroman (conductor, arranger – Phil Collins, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Dizzy Gillespie), Jamil Sheriff (Jamil Sheriff Octet) and Trevor Vincent (London Orchestrations).

For further enquires about new compositional works, educational resources and arrangements and horn section arrangements, contact me through my
contact page.

Andrew has also built up a ’Sting Library’ of Entrance Music for corporate events - see here demonstrated by the Diamond Skyline Orchestra (Sting Number 3) or for more information about this, Contact Me.

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