There have been so many amazing reviews for the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra’s debut album ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ that I’ve compiled them all here with some quotes for you to enjoy!

Jazzwise Album Review Feb 18
Jazzwise Review February 2018 (above)

Ed Enright - Downbeat Review (and Editor’s Pick December 2017)

“The cleverly titled ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ firmly establishes the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra as a significant addition to today’s big band scene and a group that deserves wider recognition at the international level.”

Ian Maund - Sandybrown Jazz Review

“This is music to warm you and lift the spirit”

Bruce Lindsay - Review

“This is Big Band in the best, big sound, big fun sense of the phrase”

Ian Mann - The Jazz Mann Review

“It’s one of those albums which reveals more and more on each subsequent listening as one immerses oneself in the detail of the arrangements”

Lance Liddle - BebopSpokenHere

“Is this a big band, a jazz orchestra, or maybe a new dimension?”

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