Another Review is in - SandyBrownJazz WOMD 2017

Ian Maund of SandyBrownJazz has written us an amazing new review and track synopsis which you can read in the following link!

Ian has been an incredible support to the band and I, he even profiled me a few years ago (here) and his words about the album are so lovely!

“Andrew Linham certainly knows how to write a good tune. This is music to warm you and lift you spirit. Weapons of Mass Distraction as a title for an album begs all sorts of puns, but it is sufficient to say this is an enjoyable, memorable, accessible album that deserves to be heard.”

Ian Maund, SandyBrownJazz November 2017

L-R Top Row: Matt Roberts, Toby Simmons, Sam Warner, Ewan Gilchrist
L-R Bottom Row: Barney Medland, Rosie Turton

Riley Stone Lonergan / Tommy Andrews / Andrew Linham

Jonny Chung / Tommy Andrews

There’s more lovely live shots of us here taken by Diana Vucane

Also, listen out as rumour has it we’re going to be played on the radio!!... I’ll let you know when I do!

Thanks to you all for the amazing response to the album, it is incredible hearing all of your fantastic responses to this new music!