December 2015

As we build up towards Christmas the busy season has really kicked into gear. Aside of all my school concert commitments (I even wrote a school show this year!) there have been lots of lovely gigs and performances.

I’ve been out a fair amount with the John Pamenter Octet playing some beautifully arranged standards for Octet line up, which is not a typical line up to play in. I’ve been on baritone for this and it has been jolly good fun. The Ken Turner Big Band have been equally busy at various venues including the Belvedere Jazz Club which was a packed sold out performance!

I’ve also had the pleasure of doing some smaller band work, with my quartet performing another lovely afternoon at the Luna Lounge in Leytonstone. We have another gig this Friday 18th December at the Queens Theatre Hornchurch which was written about in the Romford and Havering Lifestyle magazine (see below) where I was interviewed about my top ten all-time favourite tunes!

Did anyone see me in the Romford and Havering Lifestyle Magazine?

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My quartet is not the only small band work I’ve been doing for alongside a variety of corporate functions, weddings and balls playing background jazz and party band sets (I particularly enjoyed this weekend with the MoSound Sisters playing the Shakin’ Stevens christmas hit) I’ve also been with Jazz @ St.Ants playing some great music there. This week I will be playing at a variety of the pub quizzes in London, locations still unknown to me - including one this evening!

I’ve again been busy working with the Queens Theatre, running the ‘Not So Silent Night’ outreach event and compering with some truly awful jokes, and also performing for the Annual Review a piece from Seussical which was performed with 120 young people of the Queens QYouth Company, although this time we just had a duet on one of my favourite songs from the show ‘Alone In The Universe’. I’m also still in rehearsals for the Hall Mead production of ‘Copacabana’.

I also attended the grand opening of East Coast Music, a new far bigger shop in Hornchurch, great for all your musical needs. As a teenager I worked there every Saturday for several years and it was a great experience for me, and it was equally fantastic to see how well the shop has grown. I’m very proud of the part I’ve played in contributing to that, even if it is a small part!

There has also been a splash of charity work, working with Scotts Primary School at Lakeside Shopping Centre raising money Carol Singing. I have some more accompanying work for this with some other primary schools this week.

There has been some sad news as well. The fabulous Oberon King, the drummer from MIMIKA Mak Murtic Ensemble passed away tragically in a car accident two weeks ago. This has really shocked the band and I as Oberon was a musical force to be reckoned with.

Oberon King

I wish my most sincere condolences to his family and friends. We will be celebrating Oberon this Thursday 17th December at the Spice of Life in the evening and I encourage you all to be there to commune together and hear some of the great music Oberon rarely got to perform. I am hoping we can find a way to fund the CD he is planning. I’ll be looking at the viability of that closely in the new year as I very much want it to happen!

So as you can tell, it has been a very busy week...month... year..... I feel very blessed to be as busy as I am. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and hope that the festive season leaves you feeling full, refreshed and happy.

Merry Christmas!

Andrew :)