Musikmesse 2016

Another busy month has flown by and it is now April! I’ve been hibernating in the studio mixing the big band album alongside some schools projects and some theatre projects starting to get rolling too!

I’ve just got back from Musikmesse 2016 in Frankfurt Germany and had an amazing time working with SaxRax and Yamaha throughout my stay. I met so many amazing people and players and it was great to again see this side of the music industry. Here are some photos of my trip!

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Having a great time at Messe!

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Classic meets Jazz!

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Alongside this I’ve been out with the London City Big Band at the Spice of Life, Urban Big Band at Ruislip Jazz Club, Pete Corrigan Trio with Andrew Linham at The Brickyard Romford, Ken Turner Big Band at Hornchurch Conservative Club to name but a few!

MIMIKA have also been busy this month as we are currently in day two of recording our next CD and also performing a fantastic gig at Richmix in London on Wednesday 9th March. The atmosphere was fantastic and it was a great gig!

17/8 or 11/8 or 7/8 oh my giddy aunt!!!

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Record session! Mimika!

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Hope you’re having as much fun this April as I am!