September 2015

This September has been busy as ever across a wide range of projects! With the continued weddings and corporate events on top of teaching and running new workshops based on my educational resource Lyricland there has not been too much time for anything!

I have done some lovely gigs with the lovely people of MIMIKA and the London City Big Band at the Spice of Life in the two residencies these bands hold there. Although they couldn’t be more diverse ensembles it is such a pleasure to be able to perform with them!

Mimika #livingthedream

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With Sam Warner and Andy Hall of MIMIKA fame!

The wealth of weddings and corporate stuff this month has been ridiculous, and I’ve been on my best behaviour in some rather swanky places!

I have also been hiding away working on the new music for this - The Theme Music of Anarchic Animals!

Flyer Anarchic Animals V4

I’m so excited for this performance! It is going to be off the chain!

So a select few things coming up in October:

Friday 2nd October - London City Big Band in Birmingham

Sunday 4th October - Ken Turner Big Band @ Conservative Club Hornchurch

Thursday 8th October - Ken Turner Big Band @ Romford Rafa Club

Friday 9th October - London City Big Band @ Portsmouth Grammar School

Thursday 29th October - London City Big Band @ The Spice of Life


I’m also looking forward to:

Sunday 8th November - Andrew Linham = SPECIAL GUEST with classic 1970’s prog rock band NO DICE @ Dingwall’s Camden

But for now, let me leave you with my greatest achievement of this last month. Building a LEGO pirate ship!

Best present ever!

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Have a great October!