Spring 2016

Well spring has now sprung and we’re starting to get the first few sunny days which is fantastic! I’ve been really busy in the middle of all of this working on some fantastic projects. Here’s a little overview of the musical chaos I’ve been involved with!

There’s been a couple of lovely jazz gigs dotted about in the last month or so. I again played with the London City Big Band at the Spice of Life, a band and venue I adore. It is always so tight! I’ve been our with the John Pamenter Octet and have performed at Jazz @ St.Ants as the special guest with Rich Perks on the guitar. The Ken Turner Big Band have also been quite busy in the last month.

MIMIKA recorded the first part of their album too, the second part of which should be recorded in June. Mak’s new writing is, almost unbelievably, even more interesting and different than the works he has already written. This new material is all under the title of ‘Divinities of the Earth and Water’.

I was lucky enough to do some fantastic charity work this month for a few different corporate engagements. I enjoy charity concerts as it is nice to give something back! I had a great time working with MD Ellie Verkerk on a show for Momentum with a troupe of dancers and a collection of performers from the West End.

I’ve also been having a great time with my education projects. I do love teaching alongside the performance and compositional work. I’ve written a couple of new songs, the first, shown below, celebrating SATS!

I was also commissioned to put the school prayer to music. Here it is below!

I’m now deep in the rehearsal process of the community musical ‘Our House’ at the Queens Theatre Hornchurch. After lots of meetings and planning and researching the music of Madness, a band until this point I wasn’t entirely familiar with, I’ve started teaching the songs to a 50+ strong company of amateur performers. The have already embraced the fun of this show and I’m really looking forward to the shows run at the Queens in the last week of July.

I’ve spent a substantial amount of time over the last few months mixing the big band album. It is a slow process but a very productive one and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share it with you! No release date as yet, but needless to say when it arrives the world will shake (I hope!).

The next couple of months look to be incredibly busy, so watch this space for more exciting details! An updated gig list should be on here in the next couple of days!