Composition Portfolio 2005-2015

Here’s an update of all the music in the Andrew Linham back catalogue! This is my complete updated Portfolio of Composition from 2005 - 2015.

Composition Portfolio 2005 - 2015

Big Band Music featured on upcoming Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra album ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction (2016) marked with a * - see Big Band Compositions (2014-2015)

Big Band Compositions (2015)

I Arksque You This*
Big Bertha’s Quarter To Twos*
The Last Penguin
The Last Of The Species
The Law Of The Jungle
Wasp Dance
Dinosaur Face*
I Remember Fenton*
We Are All Animals
The Night Of The Pork Pies (or Long Knifes)
(+ rescoring of older tunes as big band pieces:)
Screaming Ab Dabs*
Back Door Driving
Last Walk Home

Saxophone Quartet (2015)
One For Jacky

Theatre Shows (2015)
The Score for ‘Edelweiss Pirates’ @ Queens Theatre Hornchurch

Song Commissions (2014)
Havering Fun Palace Songs @ Queens Theatre Hornchurch

Big Band Compositions (2014)
Curly’s Holiday
Early Mornings
Henchmen Live The Shortest Lives*
Eli and the Monobrow
Movin’ Out
Waitress Winking*
Apples Aren’t The Only Fruit*
Recession Song
Don’t Mention Janet*
Sharking In The Chalet*
Pyrrhic Victory*
Frisking Oleg
Introduce The Band (le mis parody)
(+ rescoring of older tunes as big band pieces:)
Holding Her Hand
Entrance Music LCBB (short big band sting)

Theatre Shows (2014)
Score for ‘Pronoun’ @ Queens Theatre Hornchurch
Score for ‘Milly And The Minotaur’ @ Queens Theatre Hornchurch

Big Band Compositions (2013)
The Linferno Suite
  • Opening
  • Greed Of The Mammoth
  • The Lazy Ace
  • The Delusions Of Limbo
  • Spot The Heretics
  • The Longing Look
  • Wrath Out
  • Superbia

Sextet Compositions (2013)
Dot The Spifference
Dream Skipper
Gone Off His Crumpet
Second Time Around
Some Kind Of Bridge
The Unpopular Lion
The Whatsickle Built For Who?
There We Are Then
Win and Tonic
Proposal Modest

Quartet Compositions (2013)
Caterpillar Circles
Emotion Commotion
Grawlix Love Letters
Hating On The Hopers
Last Walk Home

Wind Band (2013)
Blackcurrant Malfunction

Quartet Compositions (2008 - 2012)
Compositions featured on Andrew Linham Quartet Album ‘Abandoned Silence’ (2011) marked with a *
Fickle Bobby / Georgia’s Frown
Old Smoke
Old Times’ Sake*
Ride The Roughshod
Dance Around The Problem*
The Sun Is Shining
You Wait Until Tomorrow
Wednesday Afternoons*
Joy Winter
Count Me Out, Count Me In
Put It Out!*
Looking Back*
I Will Not Forget You*
Too Close To Notice* (previously Alluring Scales)
Never Really Over*
The Thing That’s Not A Thing

Music for Jazz Octet (2010)
Dust Off Your Pitchforks

Music for Jazz Sextet ‘The Dusty Ice Cream’ (2007-2011)
The Screaming Ab Dabs
South Rampant Street Fight
Look What You’ve Done To Me Now
Holding Her Hand
Please Don’t Spiral
Scribbles and Squibbles
Long Lost Grooves
Vibe Juicer No. 7
You Wait Until Tomorrow
Ancient Ruins (- later as a quartet: Dance Around The Problem)
Broken Glass
Back Door Driving
Orange Is The New Blue
What Went Down
Testing Time
Deliver The Oblivion
In Cab
Missing You
Quiet Is Our Fate
Catch 23
Silver Haired Freak Out
Monocle Juice
Deathshot Disco

Early Works (2005 - 2008)
The Foxy Waltz (2008) Piano Solo
The Girl With A Camera (2008) Piano Solo
Tea Towel Rag (2006) Piano Solo with Medium Sized Big Band
Christmas Suite (2005) for Orchestra and Reader
Big Saxophone Quartet (2005) for Saxophone Quartet

For educational resource songs, see Lyricland (2011 - 2015) for further details.

If you require any information on the music above or would like to use this music in performance, do not hesitate to contact

February 2016

February 2016 is now over and what a great month I’ve had. Recording the Big Band album was so exciting and the music is sounding fantastic! I cannot wait to share our hard work with you all. Chris Wyles and I have been mixing the album and it really is sounding massive!

Aside of this I’ve continued my regular performances with the London City Big Band and MIMIKA Mak Murtic Ensemble at the Spice of Life and the Vortex respectively. I’ve also been heavily involved with some theatre work spending a lot of time MDing Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacabana’ musical, which was tremendous fun indeed.

I’ve also enjoyed seeing lots of performances this month, including a great performance by Arcadio at the Vortex, Matt Roberts Biggish Band at Ronnie Scotts and several musicals! I’ve seen some student productions too with a particularly strong version of Kiss Me Kate performed by Mountview students, but my favourite was seeing the Book Of Mormon, a fantastic and entirely inappropriate piece of theatre!

Arcadio @ Vortex Jazz Club

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I’m currently hibernating in an intense writing period for a couple of projects, but more performance dates will be announced soon enough!

Hope 2016 is being everything you want it to be!