Live Shots 2016

Here are some fantastic live shots of my big band from last week taken by photographer June Andrews!

w/ vocalist Mark Stratford

Eb trading on ‘Eli and the Monobrow’

Tommy Andrews on clarinet on ‘Pyrrhic Victory’

Mark Stratford

Thanks again to June Andrews for these wonderful photos!

June 2016

Hello everyone! It has been a fantastically busy couple of months! I have not stopped at all but I am so lucky to be involved with so many exciting projects, be them premiering new music, a variety of wide ranging education projects, big community musicals, jazz gigs and composition work. Here’s a little update of some of the exciting things I’ve been up to.


My big band performed an almost sold out gig at the Belvedere Jazz and Music Club on Wednesday 22nd June. We played for the first time a heady mix of the usual original material and some traditional big band arrangements which were well received by the audience there, who exclaimed it was the best gig we had done for them yet! High praise indeed! Having vocalist Mark Stratford with us was also very enjoyable and I am certain that it is the best I’ve ever heard Mark sing! We were even mentioned on Paul Barnes’ radio show!

Last night the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra stormed the Belvedere!!

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One of the main pulls of my time at the moment is being the Musical Director for ‘Our House’ at Queens Theatre Hornchurch. Rehearsing four times a week with 50+ community members of all ages and abilities has been quite a journey with a very different process to that of ‘Seussical’ which we did last year. We’ve had an article about us in the Romford Recorder and I am sure it is going to be a fantastic show. Below are a couple of photos of the full company and of rehearsals!

Get your tickets here!

The Mak Murtic ensemble have been busy this month also, premiering the new full suite of music entitled ‘Divinities of the Earth and Waters’. We performed this new music at the Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch and it was incredibly well received as it explored traditional slavic and Croatian music. Some photos of this are on the way! There is a review of the gig here.


I have also been very busy with schools projects. I have been part of the Havering Junior Music Festival again this year which had some of my original compositions performed by Ardleigh Green Junior School and a collection of my arrangements played by students from 5 different primary schools and a senior school for one evening of the five night event. I also have had the Havering Music School Summer Concert series which featured my conducting Star Wars dressed as Darth Vader - one for the bucket list!


On the composition front I have almost finished another really big work set to be released into the wide world next year and we have five or six new big band compositions to work on and play for upcoming gigs! The big band CD is also still on it’s way, we have two tracks left to mix before we get into the mastering and then the big printing process!

Tonight if you’re around London City Big Band are at the Spice of Life 7:30pm! See you there?

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Goodrington Prizegiving Details 2016

Hello students of Goodrington - below is the songs and lyrics for your prize giving ceremony on Saturday 25th June 2016.
Two Songs as shown below in Youtube clips:

It’s OK to be Average

Our version of It’s OK to be Average is much shorter. Here are our lyrics:
It’s OK to be Average
Ok to normal
Ok if you try your best
To be average, simply average

It’s OK to be regular
Ok to be in the middle
Ok if you try your best
To be average, simply average

Everyone is different
Not everyone’s the same
It really doesn’t matter
How you use your brain

It’s OK to be typical
Ok to be just fine
Ok if you try your best
To be average, simply average