July 2018 Update

Hello world - the summer has finally arrived and soon the big band will again be flowing!

Check out the spangly new poster for our next gig at the Belvedere Jazz and Music Club.


It’s not often that the big band pays homage to the original great big band masters as usually we’re focussed on our original music but this is exciting indeed to be featuring The Atomic Mr Basie album as part of our set. Don’t miss out, get your tickets today!

If you do need a wallop of big band and you’re near Oxfordshire, on Saturday 4th August - Patchwork Jazz Orchestra are at Wilderness Festival in Oxford so come along to that!


I’m also hibernating myself in composition mode on a new musical, three new schools projects and I’m preparing a Christ-Mess Extravaganza for the big band - details of which are soon to be confirmed (cough, the vortex, cough, 16th dec, cough)...

Hope you all have an amazing summer!