ALJO Recording Session

Good morning everyone! What an exciting week I have had working with my jazz orchestra recording our first album in RAK Studios. Over two days we recorded eleven tunes, some of which will form our first album and maybe even a couple of singles!

A few pictures turned up on social networks of the session, and I thought I would share these with you before you see the ones from our official photographer for the album!

Our esteemed guitarist Rich Perks took the following slightly grainy picture of Studio 1 in RAK Studios St. John’s Wood.


The size of the recording project was massive as expected with a seventeen piece band! You’ll be hearing the talents of Tommy Andrews, Phil Meadows, Riley Stone Lonergan, Jonny Chung, Barney Lowe, Miguel Gorodi, Sam Warner, Andy Hall, Matt Roberts, Chris Saunders, Tom Green, Rosie Turton, Barney Medland, Rich Perks, Tom Millar, Andrew Robb, David Ingamells.
Oh yes, and me of course!

I really cannot wait to share the music we made on these two days with you. The raw mixes themselves sound incredible and the guys did an amazing job playing this difficult music. Thanks to all those at RAK Studios for their support over the two days, but I will now hibernate to mix this into a new form of madness!

It is going to be such an exciting year!