Album Reviews December 2017

It is turning out to be a very exciting December for the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra! We have had an incredible review from the American jazz publication ‘Downbeat’ magazine who have incredibly favourably reviewed our album and even made it one of the Editor’s choices for December 2017, which is so amazing!

You can read the whole article
here or read some quotes that I’ve pulled from it below. Thanks to Ed Enright of Downbeat for this unbelievable review!

This 17-piece contemporary big band led by U.K.-based baritone saxophonist, composer and educator Andrew Linham is one of the boldest—and most eccentric—large jazz ensembles performing today. This is a group with chops and personality to spare, not to mention a madcap sense of humor.

They play with guts and attitude, and manage to inject outrageous humor into even the most demanding of musical passages, striking a perfect balance between the sublime and the ridiculous.

The cleverly titled Weapons Of Mass Distraction firmly establishes the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra as a significant addition to today’s big band scene and a group that deserves wider recognition at the international level.

Also, the wonderful Ian Maund of
Sandybrown Jazz has featured the opening track of our album ‘Screaming Ab Dabs’ on his Jazz as Art page, where he has selected some different pieces of Art that could relate to the music. It is fascinating for me as the composer to see someone else’s interpretation of what my music might look like. Read the whole article here.

African Dance

So if I don’t get the chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas before this silly season is done, let me take this opportunity!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!