Col - Large March 2019

Collarge 2019

On Saturday 2nd March I had the absolute joy of premiering my new large work ‘Col-Large’ written especially for Havering Music Schools’ “Super Saturday” programme and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. It was incredibly exciting to conduct a massive orchestral and large choir, let alone be performing a piece I had written especially for the occasion. Introducing the students (and staff!) to jazz music in this accessible way with a large scale collaborative project (hence the title ‘Col-Large’) was so exciting - seeing everyone embracing scat singing and improvisation and various signals instead of traditional conducting was so incredible. I felt very lucky as a composer to get to experience and premier my own compositions on this kind of scale.

So I bet you’re hoping you can have a listen to it? Well below is a video taken by the head of Saturday Music Centre of the performance which certainly incapsulates the feel of the afternoon if not the whole piece!

It was such an important message to share for live music and performance in Havering and I hope that we can have this piece performed again!

Below is the advert that was created using rehearsal pictures and recordings before the world premier featuring students of the Havering Music School Stage Band which I lead.